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As a Schneider Electric Elite and Software Partner, we’re authorised to provide EcoStruxure IT, a vendor-agnostic, next generation datacentre infrastructure management (DCIM) software platform that redefines hybrid IT infrastructure management by providing a simple, integrated experience for many users and groups who manage both the facility and IT infrastructure environments.  As more cybersecurity breaches are linked to neglected firmware, proactive firmware updates help to protect your infrastructure to the highest level of cybersecurity thereby minimising potential downtime. Here’s the latest information from Schneider Electric on IEC 62443 certification for its EcoStruxure IT Network Management Card 3 platform.


Data Centre Planning

Planning for long-term data centre capacity is crucial amid evolving IT and business needs. Effective planning influences investment outcomes, avoiding unnecessary costs. 

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

In the business world, sustainability reporting is now integral, with alternative approaches being explored for cooling systems and electrical efficiency in UPS systems. Learn about the latest essential advances in sustainability and energy efficiency in datacentres and critical physical infrastructure as energy resources become scarcer and more expensive.

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