Network Closets By Schneider Electric

The complete physical infrastructure solution you need to protect network availability along with maintain and increase access to in-house and cloud applications.

Network or wiring closets have increasingly become critical components of IT infrastructures as organisations continue to move more of their in-house applications to cloud based services making the equipment housed in them vital to keeping employees connected.

Power protection, battery back-up, cooling, environmental monitoring and remote management are all of paramount importance to ensure consistent, reliable access to business-critical cloud services. Even employees working remotely are often routed through in-house VPNs supported by equipment in the network closet.

Optimise your Network Closet Capabilities

Optimise your Network Closet Capabilities

Our Schneider Electric network closet solutions provide secure communication and computing environments that can be stand-alone single rack or located in a small, secure space.

High-strength, space-optimised racks with unobstructed airflow make installation easy and offer quick access to switches and servers with high density cable management.

All equipment is 100% compatible with multi-vendor networking and server equipment. Get stand-alone security and environmental monitoring that integrates into your existing BMS/DCIM or remote network management systems.

The Benefits of Schneider Electric Network Closet Solutions


Featuring a modular design, with an open architecture configurable to any IT environment.


Configurable for redundancy, increasing availability without the need for two UPS systems.

Pre-engineered system, enables fast design and installation.

Standardised components, reduces the risk of failure, minimises human error, and lowers mean-time-to-repair.

Easy to install, innovative design which allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.


Energy cost management, for accurate cost analysis of energy use on a kW/h basis, detailed to the rack level.

Network management, with proactive power and environmental management via web and/or SNMP.

Custom reporting, create, save and schedule user-defined reports for ease of data collection, distribution and analysis.

Multi-vendor asset support, for multiple types of IT assets and hardware platforms.

Remote or Local, Network Closets

Remote or Local, Protect and Manage All Your IT Applications

With space-optimised racks, power distribution, industry-leading UPS and cooling, physical security and environmental monitoring our network closets by Schneider Electric are easily integrated into any management system such as BMS or DCIM, making it easy to:

  • Manage your environment remotely with access to security, power, heat and humidity.
  • Lower risk of data loss and maintain availability during power outages, cooling failures, security breaches and floods.
  • Protect access to your IT applications remotely or locally, in the office or in the cloud.
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