Choose Schneider Electric for server rooms in the office or in the cloud

Datacentre cooling and physical infrastructure solutions you can rely on.

Tailored sever room solutions that are fully integrated, quickly and easily deployable and easily managed with DCIM. Providing high availability and efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Schneider Electric server rooms are reliable, integrated and manageable.

Schneider Electric server room products are quickly scalable up or down as well as adaptable Server Room solutions for 1 to 10 racks that have a low TCO, are fast and easy to configure and deploy, and ensure your business-critical accessibility is maintained. These standalone or fully integrated solutions feature power, cooling, racks, security and management components that are developed to work together with integrated server room design and management software.

At on365 we can assist with the planning, design, and installation of your Server Room and including electrical installation, back-up power and power protection, air conditioning and airflow management, network and server rack build and environmental monitoring. Once your new Server Room is fully operational, we provide a range of service, maintenance and support contracts which help extend the life of your equipment and eliminate downtime.

Why Schneider Electric for your Server Room?

Why Schneider Electric for your Server Room?

Simple, stand-alone or fully integrated solutions to turn any room into a reliable, available, business-wise and future driven data centre.

Architecture can be deployed quickly, anytime, anywhere: enabling virtualisation, handling high density, increasing efficiency.

Modular design: increases adapatability with an open architecture configurable to any IT requirement.

Scalable runtime: allows additional run time to be quickly added as needed.

Standardised components: reduce risk of failure, minimise human error and lower mean-time-to repair.

Integrated management for server rooms.

Pre-engineered to take the guesswork out of design

Standardised and developed for seamless integration, you get a customised solution that delivers high availability, increases agility and lowers your TCO.

  • High density capability, easy redundancy, reduced mean time to repair (MTTR), and reduced human error.
  • Easy to install, innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody!
  • Fast deployment speeds, able to be scaled up or down, and reconfigured.
  • Management Software to power, cool, monitor, manage and service your server room with ease and confidence.
Complete Data Centre Physical Infrastructure Solutions
Manageability & Monitoring for your Server Room_-min

Manageability & Monitoring for your Server Room

Keep your IT infrastructure safe, secure and running at optimum efficiency

We provide a wide range of solutions including room and rack sensors to help you proactively manage your Server Room. This ensures not only cost management but also that you are always aware, in real time, when your Server Room is at risk from for example, temperature and humidity, fluid leaks, smoke and security.

  • Energy Cost Management, enables accurate cost analysis of energy use on a kW/h basis, detailed to the the rack level.
  • Network Management, provides proactive power and environmental management via web and/or SNMP.
  • One-to-many Device Control, view, configure and control multiple vendor’s IT devices through one console for secure and easy server management.
  • Multi-vendor asset support, provides support for multiple types of IT assets and hardware platforms.

EcoStruxure IT Solutions

Visibility from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Proactively monitor your critical IT infrastructure equipment with data-driven recommendation and wherever-you-go-visibility, regardless of equipment’s vendor.

The vendor-neutral architecture delivers a new standard for proactive insights on critical assets that impact the health and availability of an IT environment with the ability to deliver actionable real-time recommendations to optimise infrastructure performance and mitigate risk.

  • Global visibility across the hybrid ecosystem – from anywhere – with one tap access right from a smartphone
  • Device information, smart alarms and monitoring through open system collecting data from all devices regardless of vendor
  • Foresight into potential risks by leveraging global benchmarks and analytics in the EcoStruxure data lake
  • Ease of deployment through a convenient subscription model for any size environment

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