Drawing from years of experience and a robust partnership with Schneider Electric, on365 operates at the forefront of innovative cooling solutions for data centres. By harnessing Schneider Electric's state-of-the-art products, combined with our extensive expertise and professional accreditation, we are able to deliver unparalleled value, performance, and sustainability gains in every project.

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Embracing innovation and partnerships to transform datacentre infrastructures

As a long-standing elite partner, we work closely with Schneider Electric at the very forefront of technology advances for datacentre infrastructure to not only meet but exceed the needs of our clients. 

Learn more about our award-winning work at Loughborough University in our latest case study or take a look at the key highlights from some of our recent projects featured below.

on365 Case Study Loughborough University

Case Study:

Delivering increased reliability and more sustainable operations across the campus using Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Data Center solutions to modernise the critical IT infrastructure.

Featured Project:

Transforming Datacentre Cooling

Recently, on365 secured a major Datacentre Refresh project for a key overseas financial business located in the heart of London. This project not only highlights on365’s technological prowess but also our unwavering commitment to sustainability, legislative compliance and environmental responsibility.

To find out more about the equipment used download the full pdf below:

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Key Highlights:

A key aspect of the project involved upgrading the original 1st Generation In-Row Cooling System to the cutting-edge 2nd Generation Cooling Platform. This marks a significant achievement for on365, securing our first order for this revolutionary technology in the UK.

Central to the upgrade is the adoption of the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) R32 refrigerant—a first for an InRow Cooling product by Schneider Electric. This move aligns seamlessly with stringent environmental regulations and our commitment to ensuring compliance with Fgas phase down legislation ratified in the EU in early 2024.

The new platform boasts a Condensing Unit Design equipped with variable speed compressors, delivering enhanced performance, higher energy efficiency, and better load/low load operation. Furthermore, the implementation of dual power Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) on both indoor and outdoor units improves resilience by ensuring uninterrupted operation, even in the challenging conditions of a shared building roof.

The new cooling platform transcends conventional boundaries, offering versatility that extends beyond mere retrofit and new build projects. From empowering the establishment of agile Micro Data Centres (MDCs) to facilitating the seamless implementation of Small Row Solutions, this innovative platform heralds a new era of flexibility and scalability for our clients. Its adaptability ensures that regardless of project scope or scale, on365 delivers tailored solutions that align perfectly with our clients’ evolving needs and aspirations.

on365 extends our gratitude to the cooling team at the Conselve Factory, particularly Manuel Calianno and Claudia Cantarello, for their invaluable support in facilitating early access and ordering of the new offer.

As a testament to our professionalism and expertise, on365 proudly holds accreditations from REFCOM, including FGas, and BESA, enhancing visibility within the mechanical/HVAC industry.

Featured Project:

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency Led Datacentre Refresh

on365 recently secured a major datacentre refresh project for one of our key long-standing clients . This client is expanding rapidly through acquisition and investment which is driving changes and business transition to provide a more corporate responsibility aligned strategy as well, especially around areas such as sustainability and carbon reduction with published corporate sustainability plan and goals. This project epitomises our commitment to providing optimal solutions that deliver unparalleled value and performance, all while prioritising key sustainability and energy efficiency requirements of our clients.

Landmark Holistic Datacentre Refresh Project-min

Key Highlights:

on365 is honoured to lead the upgrade of the existing cooling and UPS systems at one of our client’s primary facilities. Our dedication to providing optimal solutions is rooted in our commitment to value for money and holistic benefits. By taking a comprehensive approach to cooling systems, we leverage new technology platforms to not only enhance unit performance but also to deliver significant overall system benefits, particularly in energy and carbon reduction. Through the implementation of specific free cooling features, we ensure that every aspect of the upgrade contributes to maximising efficiency and sustainability, aligning with our clients’ long-term goals and objectives.

As part of this project, we are proud to introduce the new generation ISAF0921A1 chillers, replacing the current Uniflair ISAD0921A units. Notably, this marks a UK first for the utilisation of Schneider Electric’s innovative refrigerant technology. These state-of-the-art chillers bring forth a host of significant enhancements, including the adoption of the new HFO R454B Low GWP Refrigerant. Beyond mere replacements, these chillers represent a paradigm shift towards holistic implementation, optimising operating parameters to deliver more partial free cooling. This strategic approach not only reduces energy usage and carbon footprint but also ensures compliance with new Fgas legislation. By futureproofing our client’s investment, we pave the way for long-term sustainability and operational efficiency in this major upgrade.

By allowing for higher water operation temperatures, with an immediate increase in water temperatures by 3 degrees, the latest chillers offer significant advancement in cooling technology. Being able to have water outlet temperatures of up to 23°C and a 10°C Delta T, subject to site-specific considerations and cooling unit selection, provides unparalleled flexibility and customisation to meet our clients’ diverse needs. This implementation of new generation high-water temperature operation in-row cooling units significantly enhances efficiency  and unlocks greater partial free cooling capabilities for our client. Furthermore, by incorporating intelligent free cooling features we anticipate delivering over 30% more partial free cooling annually transcending the limitations of traditional duty chiller setups. This innovative approach maximises efficiency and minimises energy consumption, contributing significantly to our client’s sustainability goals. Furthermore, the integration of the latest Schneider controls and touch screen display elevates their system and group interfacing to new heights, enhancing performance and providing them with real-time insights into their cooling operations. These cutting-edge features underscore our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art cooling solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations for efficiency, sustainability, and performance.

A cornerstone of our cooling support is the collaborative effort between on365 and Schneider services to deliver all-inclusive service plans. These plans provide guaranteed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and long-term cost fixing for the client, encompassing parts, labour, regular maintenance, and Fgas checks.

In addition to the cooling system upgrade, this project includes the refresh of the legacy APC Symmetra PX500 to the latest generation green UPS—the Galaxy VL, complete with a Lithium-Ion Battery System to further improve the energy efficiency of the power chain and overall datacentre as part of our client’s key corporate sustainability targets. In addition to this we are also enhancing their EcoStruxure IT platforms to deliver new functionality around service contract management and energy efficiency/sustainability reporting.

on365 extends its gratitude to the cooling team at the Conselve Factory, particularly Manuel Calianno, Attilio Masoch, and Claudia Cantarello, for their invaluable support. A factory visit in late 2023 provided insights into Schneider Electric’s technology and sustainability approaches, enriching the collaboration and ensuring the success of the project.

This project represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide cutting-edge cooling solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our clients. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, on365 in partnership with Schneider Electric continues to lead the charge in transforming datacentre infrastructure for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Case Study:

Delivering IT and Data Centre Efficiency with Schneider Electric

A collaborative project with Schneider Electric which has successfully future-proofed the university campus infrastructure by leveraging the latest in resilient and energy-efficient technologies, coupled with data analytics and predictive maintenance strategies.

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Schneider Electirc Most Impactful Case Study 2023

Our Schneider Electric Accreditations

Our long-standing and trusted relationship with Schneider Electric allows us to take a truly holistic view that considers the entire infrastructure. As the first Schneider Electric partner in the UK who can take this overarching view, this gives us a unique edge, increasing efficiency for our clients in terms of efficiency – dealing with fewer people and building closer relationships with a single partner.

on365 has also earned an array of recognised industry accreditations, providing the security and peace of mind you need regarding the expertise and approach of our team.

on365 APC Schneider Electric Elite Partner
on365 APC Schneider Electric Authorized Services Associate
on365 APC Schneider Electric Software Partner
on365 APC Schneider Electric EcoExpert

Industry Accreditations

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on365 works with public sector, SME and corporate clients across the UK and Europe. Our clients include NHS Trusts, Universities, Banks, Financial Organisations, Local and Central Government, Retail, Transport, FMCG, Utilities and Telco.

Clients choose on365 because they trust that we have the resources and relationships to offer them the best possible solutions, whilst remaining local enough to understand their individual needs and concerns.

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