Network Integration

Migrate, consolidate and optimise IT equipment and cabling in new or existing data centres, server rooms or network closets with ease and efficiency.

Providing a single point of management to optimise and easily integrate complex network upgrades, expansions, consolidations, and migration across multiple technologies.

Our fully field certified Schneider Electric service engineers provide professional rack optimisation and implementation for maximum efficiency of your data centre and server room to your specific requirements.

Services to meet all your network integration needs

Services to meet all your network integration needs

Reduce risks, costs and complexity while moving from old to new with minimal interruption to your business. Our services include standardisation, consolidation, integration and deployment of numerous devices, technologies, locations and workloads to enable better system performance and availability at all times as well as reduced costs.

  • Server Migration
  • Cable Management
  • Software Installation & Integration
  • Rack Installation, Configuration & Optimisation
  • Testing

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Key Features

Migration Management
A dedicated Migration Manager experienced in data centre, server room and network closet migration to facilitate the project.

Physical Migration
Convenient, efficient, and proven method of completing the physical transition of the data centre components with fully certified field service engineers.

Our certified engineers will uninstall/reinstall all required rack mountable devices and install/manage all patch cords into the racks ensuring a complete, professional and manageable layout of all data centre rack-mountable components and specific cable management to allow for proper airflow in the rack.

Cable Management
Our certified engineers will provide cable management for the servers migrating to over to the new racks and will also replace articulating arms and power cords with custom-fit, power cords and cable management.

Rack Optimisation
Ensures a complete, professional and manageable layout of all data centre rack-mountable components as well as ensuring your solution is configured for optimal airflow and performance.

Professional Testing
Verifies that cables are attached properly, in their proper locations, thereby ensuring the continued use of the migrated equipment.

Key Benefits

Safe migration and configuration for efficiency across your data centre, server room or network closet
Key processes impacting your facility’s migration and consolidation will be safely integrated and guarantee your up-and-running business productivity.

Real-time visibility and system integration for timely, informed decisions
Data from different sources will be accurately consolidated to enable your organisation to be better informed and make more accurate, faster decisions.

Customised solution
Designed to professionally migrate, integrate and consolidate your network in response to your needs.

Industry experienced project professionals
Free up your in-house resources by working with our Professional Services Consultants whose in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and years of practical, data centre experience in assessment and analysis enable us to solve your data centre problems. Not only that, our project managers will provide you with regular written reports to keep you informed of the progress of your project.

Experienced APC by Schneider Electric Certified Network Integration Engineer
Our factory trained Network Integration Engineers are rigorously trained and tested on how to efficiently integrate our products, as well as on safety practices and electrical codes, offering our customers the highest level of integration available in the industry today.

7×24 Upgrade option
If you are like most businesses, you want your systems up and running during your busiest hours. In order to accommodate your busy schedule, APC offers an option to schedule services off hours. We will work with you to find a time when servicing your system is least likely to impact your productivity, saving your business time and money.

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