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The evolution of data centers is transforming data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) strategy

Data centres and IT infrastructure continue to evolve at a rapid pace in response to increased connectivity and digital transformation.

“Today’s data centre exists without clear boundaries, creating growing complexity.” -CIO.com


The rapid evolution of hybrid IT including data centres, cloud and edge computing installations, is driving the need to monitor and manage a more complex and evolving data centre infrastructure. DCIM was created to meet this need with sophisticated software used to monitor, measure, and manage data centres and IT equipment as well as support infrastructure such as power and cooling systems.

DCIM software has evolved and improved through the years to respond to the rapid growth of data usage and the server consolidation that occurred within data centres. Important features were added to facilitate factors such as IT space planning, as well as power and cooling requirements. Concerns about data centre efficiency spawned a new metric in the form of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) that expanded the capabilities of DCIM from a monitoring and management tool to include planning and modelling.

Now, with today’s hybrid work environments, every endpoint that is on the network is mission critical. The world is more dependent on IT than it was 20 years ago which has changed the dynamics, we call this trend DCIM 3.0. To meet the evolving requirements requires a new tool to manage this effectively and that tool is EcoStruxure IT.

The need to evolve to DCIM 3.0

Data Center Management has become more complex

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