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As an APC by Schneider Electric Elite Partner, on365 has the highest levels of expertise in design, build, maintenance, and management of the full range of APC by Schneider Electric data centre and server room infrastructure products and solutions.

Whether you’re looking to design, construct, or enhance your server room, branch office, data centre on365 is your strategic partner for streamlining your operational costs, reducing complexities, and delivering energy efficiency.

With over 40 years of experience on365’s proven project-based approach identifies the priorities, expectations, and limitations of your requirement. We will recommend ways to incorporate and leverage any existing topologies and hardware assets to improve performance, reduce cost and lower carbon emissions. Crucially we also look at value and business principles such as reducing organisation risk, delivering clear and sustainable ROI on IT investment, efficiency of operation and environmental considerations.

Benefits of an on365 Schneider Electric Design & Build Solution

Benefit from a Schneider Electric Design & Build

  • Costs and performance optimised by balancing on-premise and cloud based applications.
  • Savings of on average 30-35% for initial building costs.
  • 30-35% cost reduction in operating expenses.
  • Simplified, more efficient planning, design and build of your project.
  • Hassle-free roll out and implementation of software defined data centres.
  • Secure critical process applications isolated from developments of digitised processes and applications needed for the future.
  • Monitoring, automation and control of your entire physical infrastructure with integrated DCIM.
  • Substantial internal resource that includes engineers (power, cooling, cabling and network), project managers, CAD design team, consultants and a project delivery team.

Tailored Design Services

on365 offer a full pre-sales consultancy at which one of our certified Schneider Electric specialists will carry out a comprehensive audit and survey at your premises to establish your exact needs. 

Fundamental physical build and location criteria are addressed alongside space, layout, and capacity planning for efficient cooling, modular growth strategies, and maximum airflow separation.

Once a contract is commissioned, we work with your IT and facility staff to quantify and agree project needs. We then create a fully tailored design and build plan, using our ‘dataflow’ philosophy which simplifies IT planning by incorporating dependencies and design strategy in a systematic sequence, streamlining the transformation of information from initial concept to final design.

Once a finalised design with pricing and essential information for project deployment is produced, site surveys, infrastructure audits, and collaboration for final requirements follow, ensuring a thorough preparation before implementation and full compliance with all relevant regulations. Clear communication ensures that system plans are shared with all relevant business stakeholders throughout the project stages.

Tailored Design Solutions with Schneider Electric Expertise

Intelligent Implementation

Our expertise goes beyond mere equipment installation; with innovative IT and data centre products and solutions from Schneider Electric we bring together the seamless integration of power, cooling, physical infrastructure management, network management/monitoring, fire protection, and security to support IT deployments in all environments.

Key Deliverables

  • Business Continuity
  • Maximised Uptime
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Scalability for Future Expansion
  • Appropriate Level of Redundancy

Project implementation can be carried out in entirety, or we can work alongside your internal team. The outcome? Your contract delivered 
on-time and on-budget with measurable results, enhanced strategic planning capabilities, and optimised performance across your infrastructure.

Learn more about our resilient and energy efficient design and build capabilities:

Network Closets


APC by Schneider Electric solutions for Network Closets offer secure communication and computing environments that can be stand-alone single rack or located in a small, secure space. 

Server Rooms


Reduce time and complexity to scale up or down quickly at the rack level with our Schneider Electric server room solutions for 1 to 10 racks ranging from simple, stand-alone or fully integrated solutions that turn any room into a secure, reliable and always available datacentre.

Micro Datacentres


EcoStruxure™ micro datacentre solutions offer secure, self-contained rack enclosures with integrated UPS, PDU, cooling and monitoring designed specifically to create a complete datacentre environment where there is no dedicated comms room or datacentre space. 

Small & Medium Datacentres


Leverage the power of a connected infrastructure to achieve a more sustainable, efficient, adaptive and resilient datacentre bringing together power, cooling, racks and management systems to support deployment of IT equipment in all environments.

Prefabricated Datacentres


Schneider Electric Prefabricated Datacentre Modules offer a flexible off-the-shelf solution for scaling your datacentre power when planning for expansion or incremental growth. 

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