Small & Medium Datacentres

Schneider Electric is the leading provider of physical infrastructure solutions for the entire data centre and its life cycle.

We hold the highest accreditations and are fully certified to provide the full range of Schneider Electric EcoStruxure data centre solutions.

Bringing together power, cooling, racks, and management systems to support deployment of IT equipment in all environments and whatever the size of your requirement.  Whether it’s a new build, upgrade retrofit or right-size on premise and hybrid architectures of centralised, regional, and local edge, with Schneider Electric EcoStruxure data centre solutions we’ve got you covered.

EcoStruxure IT from Schneider Electric for sustainable data centre availability & operational efficiency

Choosing Schneider Electric for your data centre ensures reliability at every step of the way with data centre physical infrastructure solutions which provide a strong, secure framework that can grow and adjust with your needs, while staying in budget and optimising network performance.

And as a long-standing UK Partner for Schneider Electric IT Critical Power and Cooling we have unique access to the resources and relationships at Schneider Electric to offer the best possible data centre solutions for your business.

The Benefits of EcoStruxure from Schneider Electric Data Centres

Simplify and speed up planning, design and build of your data centre with the innovative design, standardised components and pre-engineered systems.

Protect on-premise applications living on the edge.

Optimise costs and performance by balancing on-premise and cloud based applications.

Reduce risk of failure, minimise human error and lower mean-time-to-repair thanks to standardised component.

Adaptability and Agility through a modular design with an open architecture configure to any IT environment which simplifies future planning by allowing side to side equipment to be placed anywhere in the data centre.

Secure critical process applications that are isolated from developments of digitised processes and applications needed for the future.

Manage your data centre with a robust and easily configurable set of tools to help collect, analyse and report on data centre key performance indicators such as cost and consumption at the macro or micro level for multiple types and vendors of IT assets and hardware platforms, providing accurate timely spend and usage information.

Proactively Monitor, Automate and Control your entire data centre physical infrastructure with integrated DCIM to identify and anticipate physical infrastructure threats before they occur. 

Critical infrastructure solutions to support deployment of IT equipment in all types of environments

EcoStruxure Row Data Centre

Configurable single row solutions

Pre-engineered, yet highly configurable and scalable row solutions encompassing racks, power, cooling, and management systems.

EcoStruxure Pod Data Centre

Flexible pod-based solutions

Flexible rack-ready pod system, which supports critical infrastructure and containment, designed to deploy IT at scale in increments of 8 to 12 racks.

EcoStruxure Modular Data Centre

Prefabricated modular solutions

Prefabricated and pretested solutions that can be delivered as functional building blocks of power, IT, or all-in-one data centres.

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