EcoStruxure Micro Data Centres by Schneider Electric

Quick, Simple and Effective Complete IT solutions that provide power, cooling, security and monitoring, all in an enclosed rack system.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre solutions by Schneider Electric are configurable, pre-integrated enclosed rack systems including power, cooling, security, and monitoring, offering a fast, simple way to deploy and manage edge computing infrastructure in any environment.

With everything in a compact package this allows for more flexible installation and options, and Local Edge Configuration helps you to rapidly optimise edge computing solutions.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centres are especially helpful in addressing the challenges of moving more IT onto the factory floor, enabling IIoT applications and the convergence of IT/OT.


Replace your IT Room with IT wherever you need it most

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre solutions can meet the challenges at the edge and deliver a unified IoT architecture by bridging the gap between OT and IT.

IT For Any Environment, by enabling deployment of IT more simply, securely, and reliably in edge computing or commercial environments, they help to eliminate the need for a purpose-built IT room.

Standardised Design, with EcoStruxure Micro Data Centres, users can also help to standardise the design across multiple environments and order as a single, all-in-one solution, making it simpler to deploy and easier to maintain.

The Benefits of EcoStruxure Micro Data Centres by Schneider Electric

Fast: Faster edge rollouts and validated reference designs allow you to save time. Local edge Configuration (LEC) allows for easier deployment and selection with a global distribution system allowing for much shorter lead times.

Flexible: Micro Data Centres come in wall-mountable, ruggedised, and soundproof options to allow them to fit to any environments. Deploy anywhere your data needs to take you.

Simple: Micro Data Centres come in standardised, repeatable designs so they can arrive to you preconfigured, pretested, and pre-integrated for seamless compatibility.

Secure: Reduce your physical security threats and increase your cybersecurity with remote monitoring and management options.

Integrated: Fulfil your enterprise needs rapidly and reliably with fully integrated, all-in-one designs.

Energy Efficient: Switch automatically between three cooling modes based on real-time needs of the system for more enhanced energy efficiency and added protection against static build up and overheating.


Cost Efficient: Decrease the need for on-site staff or service calls with visibility and management through Schneider Electric’s cloud-based platform. Achieve savings of up to:

  • 48% on CapEx
  • 20% less time
  • 40% in field engineering costs
  • 7% reduction in maintenance costs

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre solutions are available for traditional IT spaces, harsh or industrial areas, and office or commercial spaces.

EcoStruxure S-SERIES

Perforated for controlled environments where security and climate are tightly regulated.

Made for sever rooms or network closets, the S-Series is highly customisable and easy to configure with hardware, software and services, including validation of third party IT equipment with all the largest vendors.

EcoStruxure C-SERIES

Contained for semi-controlled environments where protection from dust, climate and security threats is essential.

Made for commercial environments, like offices, retail, education, or healthcare facilities, the C-Series includes the same capabilities as the S-Series with additional features such as fan ventilation, air filtration and sound proofing.

EcoStruxure R-SERIES

Sealed for uncontrolled environments where protection from dust, moisture, climate and security threats is critical.

Made for harsh environments, such as warehouse and manufacturing floors, the R-Series includes sealed enclosures and additional features like active cooling, enhanced filtration and security

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