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As a trusted and authorised Schneider Electric Partner we perform service activities to the same level as our Schneider Electric counterparts and on their behalf, keeping your mission critical applications operating at optimal performance.


on365 APC Schneider Electric Authorized Services Associate

When it comes to maintaining and operating your mission-critical applications, your primary concern is keeping your equipment running at maximum efficiency and optimal performance.

on365 as a Schneider Electric Authorised Services Associate has the support services you need to protect your investment, efficiency and availability designed to ensure your applications receive the care they need to operate at optimal levels, at all times.

on365 Service Plan

Service Plans

Design the coverage you need to operate your solution efficiently, minimise downtime and manage costs.

Our on-site services plans are flexible, so we can configure one that focuses on your unique requirements and budget. Should you encounter an issue with your system that cannot be resolved through our technical support team, a certified field service engineer will arrive at your site within a specified period of time to isolate, diagnose and correct the problem. 

If maximising uptime is critical, you may want to choose a service package that includes proactive maintenance as well as on-site service. Advantage Plans include remote monitoring service and preventive maintenance, both of which are designed to prevent downtime.

Extended Warranties

An extension of factory warranty coverage beyond original factory warranty term is available.

Extend the security and protection provided by your factory warranty for up to 3 years. One or three year extended warranties are available for your single-phase products; both ensure that your product will be repaired or replaced at no charge. On-site warranty extension, available in a one or two year term for our three phase power and cooling  products, provides fast, on-site response to diagnose and repair your system. Parts, labour and travel are all included. Choose a response time that meets your needs and budget.

on365 Server Rooms

Preventive Maintenance

On-site examination of your system is designed to ensure optimal performance and scheduled to be at a time that is convenient for you.

Power and cooling systems contain components and parts that wear out over time. In order to protect yourself from potential downtime and extend the life of your investment, with annual or semi-annual preventive maintenance visits available. 

Battery Replacement Services

Installation, replacement or removal of your UPS batteries that are combined in a service configured to a time that is convenient for you.

Battery service and replacement are vital components of any UPS-maintenance program since one failed battery can compromise an entire system. Whether you need to replace one or all of your batteries, we can ensure that they are a reliable backup. In addition, we can provide safe and efficient removal, shipping and recycling of your expired batteries, adhering to all environmental regulations.

on365 Installation Services
Remote Monitoring Services

Remote Monitoring Services

24/7 monitoring service acts as a primary or secondary function. Trained technicians will monitor the health status of the physical infrastructure to help diagnose, notify and resolve problems before they become critical.

RMS is an easy-to-use web-based service that lets you respond to environmental or systems changes according to your escalation procedure. With secure 24-hour monitoring, this service reduces the 

complexity of managing your infrastructure, minimises the strain on internal resources and enables you to meet availability objectives.

EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor

EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor offers maximum protection of your critical equipment through smart alarming, remote troubleshooting, and expert, data-driven insight delivered with 24/7 real-time monitoring – providing visibility and live data directly to your mobile.

Ensure a 24/7 cloud-enabled monitoring service for your critical equipment. Increase resiliency and transparency through service personnel equipped with real-time device data to quickly troubleshoot and dispatch. And with just one tap, EcoStruxure™ IT app gives you access to your assets, incident tracking and online chat collaboration, keeping you in touch with Schneider Electric and your team.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor
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