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We specialise in the provision of resilient and energy efficient physical infrastructure and data centre solutions across both the public and private sectors.

on365 delivers the highest levels of critical physical infrastructure and datacentre solutions that bring together power, cooling, management and security to support IT deployments in all environments 

We do this by utilising our unique access to Schneider Electric global resources and relationships, whilst remaining local enough to understand the true criticality of your individual IT, networking and communications business service deliverables and operational expectations.

With real world system expertise and infrastructure engineering knowledge, we specialise in the design, installation, maintenance and efficient operation of critical physical infrastructure including power, cooling, accommodation, management, security, environment and support.

on365 Edge Computing

Edge Computing

We offer a comprehensive range of Edge Computing solutions for the secure and reliable design, deploy and operation of the physical infrastructure for any edge environment bringing bandwidth-intensive content and latency-sensitive applications closer to the user or data source. 

You can add any of the following products and services to a rack or enclosure from any manufacturer to customise your Edge Solution.

Energy Management & Sustainability

Organisations are starting to integrate how they use and buy energy with sustainability initiatives to see additional benefits such as increased efficiency, financial savings and more sustainable operations across their global footprint. 

As energy and sustainability experts we help companies look at energy and sustainability holistically turning energy into controllable spend, increase efficiency and meet energy sustainability goals. We do this by helping our clients design an Active Energy Management strategy, deliver efficiency in their facilities and sustain those results over time.

on365 Energy Management & Sustainability
on365 Microdatacentres

Micro Datacentres

EcoStruxure™ micro datacentre solutions offer secure, self-contained rack enclosures with integrated UPS, PDU, cooling and monitoring designed specifically to create a complete datacentre environment where there is no dedicated comms room or datacentre space. 

A smaller footprint allows for flexible installation and the Local Edge Configurator simplifies deployment by helping you rapidly optimise. Supported by EcoStruxure IT Software & Services, users can remotely monitor and manage for more informed, data-driven decisions.

Network Closets

APC by Schneider Electric solutions for Network Closets offer secure communication and computing environments that can be stand-alone single rack or located in a small, secure space. 

APC by Schneider Electric power distribution and protection, physical security and cooling solutions optimise your network closet capabilities. High-strength, space-optimised racks with unobstructed airflow make installation easy and offer quick access to switches and servers with high density cable management. All equipment is 100% compatible with multi-vendor networking and server equipment. 

on365 Network Closets
on365 Server Rooms

Server Rooms

Reduce time and complexity to scale up or down quickly at the rack level with our Schneider Electric server room solutions for 1 to 10 racks ranging from simple, stand-alone or fully integrated solutions that turn any room into a secure, reliable and always available datacentre.

Our server room solutions feature power, cooling, racks security and management components that are developed to work together with integrated server room design and management software. This architecture can be deployed quickly, anytime, anywhere: enabling virtualisation, handling high-density applications and increasing efficiency.

Small & Medium Datacentres

Leverage the power of a connected infrastructure to achieve a more sustainable, efficient, adaptive and resilient datacentre bringing together power, cooling, racks and management systems to support deployment of IT equipment in all environments.

We are fully certified to provide the full range of Schneider Electric EcoStruxure data centre solutions, so whatever the size of your data centre requirement, whether it’s a new build, upgrade or retrofit on premise and at the edge we’ve got you covered.

Industrial Power

We provide high quality Schneider Electric power and cooling solutions that increase power availability and energy efficiency as well as systems uptime in industrial and infrastructure applications. 

Large and small companies across all industries rely on our expertise to maintain maximum availability and keep business critical equipment and applications up and running at all time.

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