Installation Services

A set of service options designed to deliver the vital resources, expertise, and tools needed to implement your APC by Schneider Electric solutions quickly and efficiently.

Save time, money and extend the lifetime of your hardware solution with qualified installation according to regulations and expert assistance from our fully field certified service engineers.

With certified installation and data centre cabling services you can ensure your equipment is configured for optimal data centre performance, helping you to save time and money, and extending the life of your assets.

Pre Start-Up Service

Our Pre Start-Up Service is designed to comprehensively prepare your system for operation by conducting a detailed examination of both system and environmental requirements. Our certified engineers perform a thorough inspection to ensure that all necessary service requirements are met, guaranteeing a seamless transition to operational status.

  • System/Environmental & Service Requirements Inspection
  • Installation Check

Start-Up Service

For a seamless deployment of your UPS/PDU and/or cooling system use our dedicated Start-Up Service. This essential service provides the Schneider Electric certified service engineer required to optimise and ensure all necessary functionality checks are made in all modes of operation. This also mitigates the risks of start-up by ensuring that your solution has been initiated correctly, in strict accordance with our high standards and specifications, offering you complete peace of mind.

  • Electrical Checks
  • System Operation & Checks
  • System Set-Up
  • Verifying Ancillary Components
  • Basic Operator Training
  • Documentation
on365 Assembly Service

Assembly Service

A key part of an overall product deployment providing you with certified Schneider Electric service personnel on site to ensure proper assembly of your UPS/PDU and/ or cooling system.

  • Positioning ​​(optional, when available)
  • Assembly & Final Inspection

Benefits of Installation Services

Highest Level of Service
Our factory trained Field Service Engineers are rigorously trained and tested on how to efficiently service our products, as well as on safety practices and electrical codes.

Precision Assembly
Helps ensure systems are assembled and operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Efficient Installation
Helps enable correct assembly and operation of the system making it compliant with Schneider Electric specifications and factory warranty conditions.

Dedicated Schneider Electric Qualified Service Personnel
Help free your resources to concentrate on core business activities.

Helps prevent potential problems and helps reduce the risk of costly downtime, while meeting Schneider Electric standards for a correct installation.

7×24 Upgrade option
We offer an option to schedule services out of hours, when servicing your system is least likely to impact your productivity, saving your business time and money.

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