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Why is Coolstream Evaporative Cooling Best in Class for IT & facilities?

Why is the Coolstream Best in Class for IT People?

  • It meets the latest ASHRAE standard at the most stringent A1 level.
  • The PuE is retained over the load range due to speed controlled fans and automatically responds to a dynamic load environment such as Software Defined Data Centres - where virtual server loads are constantly bouncing around. Because the control knows the IT load it can respond immediately and maintain high levels of energy efficiency.
  • I also don’t have those mechanical guys in my space and there is no water in there either.
  • The controls ensure that the cold aisle is fractionally over pressurised and the hot aisle fractionally under pressurised. This ensures that the IT equipment is operating under optimal conditions. This is maintained in the virtual world and meets the demands of Infrastructure as a Service.
  • It’s flexible and simple but if there is a catastrophic failure, the servers will continue to work. A bit harder maybe but still continue to work.
  • In a container, floor space is a premium. With traditional chilled water cooling this space is used for either in-row CRAC units or rear door heat exchangers.
  • With Coolstream, the cooling is all external so no floor space is required for cooling. This equates to a 75% increase in IT racks in this example.
  • So what are the differences with direct versus indirect free air cooling?
  • Indirect uses air-to-air heat exchangers which increase both capital and operational costs.
  • This also makes it physically bigger and some also include top-up DX cooling - which is even bigger and more expensive.
  • With indirect free air the opportunity for smoke, corrosive gases, particulate contamination that can settle on a PCB and excessive levels of relative humidity are obviously reduced.
  • If external smoke is detected locally, then the Coolstream can either be programmed to switch off and close all air inlets/outlets automatically or by manual intervention. Alternatively it could be left to continue in normal operation. Yahoo was faced with the same dilemma and chose to stay operational. Apart from the smell (which disappeared after filter changes) they experienced no short or long tern problems.
  • Corrosive gases seem to be more of a problem in aggressive environments such as in India, China, or severe industrial facilities. Evidence of an increase in failures with direct free air cooling has not been shown but the general level of increase can be attributed to material changes in solder components.

Why is the Coolstream Best in Class for Facilities People?

  • No other direct air product can match its ASHRAE figures of 99% for class A1 performance. This is due to our unique control system which allows us to control relative humidity levels after the adiabatic cooling process. The only exception is under extreme ambient low temperatures with low humidity levels. The system maintains 20% minimum humidity at the cost of a supply air temperature of less than 15?C. The ASHRAE limit of 15?C is to protect against high humidity at low temperature, so this meets the demands in essence.
  • PuE is higher than some other similar devices! Some claim as low as 1.043 - but this does not include air filters!! Who wants dirty air for slight PuE advantage? The Coolstream can offer higher levels of filtration whilst retaining superb efficiency. This option also meets food hygiene standards – so you can cook and serve food inside if you wish!!! The filters are also fitted with monitors that automatically tell you when they need replacing.
  • The risk of disease such as legionella's is not an issue. The unit is certified to the very highest standards and the Coolstream is the only machine of its type to have the VDI 6022 certification.
  • It can work with untreated drinking water according to local regulations and there is also options to use treated, recovered rainwater. For comparison, 100 litres is about the same as used in a standard bath.
  • Water is kept outside of the data centre and the on-going cost of maintenance is low.


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