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Two Low Cost Ways to Improve Rack Cooling Performance & Reduce Cooling Costs

With higher-density loads generating more heat in Data Centres, having an up-to-date cooling strategy to cool equipment efficiently is essential to minimizing operational costs.

Many Data Centre managers are not even aware of two of the biggest culprits behind Data Centre cooling inefficiency – and both have low cost solutions.

Oversized cable openings in raised floors and unused vertical spaces in the racks may look harmless - but they’re not!

Unmanaged cutouts allow a significant portion of conditioned air to escape instead of flowing through perforated floor tiles. And unused vertical spaces create an unrestricted recycling of hot air that causes equipment to heat up immediately. Both allow cold and hot air to mix.
Up to 80% of valuable conditioned air does not reach the air intake of IT equipment due to unsealed floor openings. This lost air, known as bypass airflow, contributes to hot spots, cooling unit inefficiencies, and increased infrastructure costs. Raised Floor Grommets seal floor openings and help optimize the cooling infrastructure. They can be installed without disconnecting existing cabling, and include a penetrable seal—dual brush strips—that allows re-cabling and automatic resealing.

  • Eliminates 92 to 100% of air loss
  • Increases static pressure and airflow through perforated floor tiles
  • Delivers cool air where it is intended
  • Bleeds off static charge buildup


Eliminate hot air recirculation with blanking panels
Unused vertical space in rack enclosures allows an unrestricted recycling of hot air that causes equipment to heat up unnecessarily. Many Data Centre managers, believing that inadequate cooling capacity is the problem, respond to overheating by installing additional cooling units. This wastes capital and increases operating expenses.

A better solution is the installation of simple rack blanking panels, which eliminate hot air exhaust recirculation by occupying unused rack space. In controlled tests, servers located just above unused and open vertical rack spaces experienced an inlet temperature reduction of more than 8?C when blanking panels were added. A modular, tool-less design allows for quick and easy installation.

For more information about KoldLok™ grommets and Airflow Management™ blanking panels, as well as on365’s other products, click here.

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