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Server Consolidation

75% of medium-to-large enterprise companies are in the process of planning or implementing server consolidation projects. (Gartner Group)

Physical server consolidation projects can be classified into four types:

  1. Server consolidation within existing racks
  2. Intra-building server consolidation to recover space and co-locate functions
  3. Inter-building server consolidation to centralise server functions and recover space
  4. Logical consolidation by employing high capacity servers and storage network devices.

APC is the only manufacturer to offer rack-based, integrated solutions with power and cooling, power distribution, monitoring, and integration services.

Most corporations often find themselves facing all four types of server consolidation at the same time. In particular, physical consolidation of servers creates a unique set of problems including extremely high heat and power densities, high bandwidth requirements, load distribution issues and increased cabling. It actually presents the same problems as the creation of a new data centre or server room, plus has the additional risk of disrupting existing operations.

That said, physical server consolidation projects offer the opportunity to improve system availability by controlling the environment. APC is the only manufacturer that provides rack-based, integrated solutions with power and cooling, power distribution, services and monitoring. on365 provide fully certified APC solutions that are scalable, rack-based and move with servers in relocations.


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