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REAL Zero - Redicing refrigerant emissions & leakage

Carl Richardson, on365 Technology Support Manager recommends this is useful report from the IOR, published in 2010 which outlines how FGas was being implemented in various EU Countries and some of the issues. This also included the C02 tax in countries like Denmark where they pay 100DKK per tonne of C02.
An In Row Unit for example with 25Kgs of R407C in Denmark would equate to the following:

  • R407C GWP = 1610
  • 25Kgs of R407C = 40,250Kgs of C02
  • Tax = 4,025 DKK


If the gas leaks and is vented to atmosphere then there are penalties and further costs to do again.

Carl comments, "We haven’t in the UK gone quite as far as Denmark and other Scandinavian Countries but the regulatory bodies review year on year and if they don’t see noticeable change they can impose stricter limits and controls including financial penalties like this so the more the legislation is flaunted the more stringent the base standards are likely to become."

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