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IT Infrastructure Services

on365 is totally focussed on enabling organisations to get the best out of their IT environment. on365 specialises in the design, installation, maintenance and efficient operation of critical physical infrastructure including power, cooling, accommodation, management, security, environment and support.



on365 understand the true criticality of your IT, networking and communications business service deliverables and operational expectations. We identify the priorities, expectations and limitations and also advises how to incorporate and leverage existing topologies and hardware assets within a new deployment to improve performance, reduce cost and lower carbon emissions.


on365 delivers the highest levels of critical physical infrastructure solutions through real world system expertise and infrastructure engineering knowledge.

With extensive technical knowledge of physical infrastructure, IT conventions and deployments, on365’s engineering teams have strong academic, CAD/CAM and software development backgrounds and are all trained to IEE standards with extensive project engineering expertise gained from years of experience designing and implementing complex infrastructure solutions.

Certified installation and commissioning is provided for all installations which ensures your equipment is configured for optimal performance, saving you time and money and extending the life of your hardware solution.

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  • Schneider Electric Partner
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