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IT Infrastructure Efficiency Audit

on365 offer a unique Data Centre Operational Efficiency and Optimisation Audit. Initially this is a simple no obligation review to ascertain the efficiency of the Data Centre from which the customer can decide whether a full audit is required.

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The service is non-intrusive to your operations and makes recommendations where change offers the greatest returns. This includes the physical minfrastructure such as power and cooling together with computational strategies such as data storage optimisation and virtualisation providing a holistic view of your Data Centre efficiency and recommendations including potential cost savings.

The on365 Data Centre Efficiency Audit provides a comprehensive report that will make recommendations for changes to maximise efficiency including:

  • The assessment and analysis of the existing electrical efficiency in the Data Centre.
  • The breakdown of losses into power, cooling, transmission and lighting losses.
  • The breakdown of the cooling system losses into Computer Room Air Conditioners/Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAC/CRAH), humidification and outdoor heat rejection losses.
  • The breakdown of the power system losses into Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and power distribution.
  • The assessment and analysis of server power management capabilities.
  • The assessment and analysis of the operating systems.
  • The assessment and analysis of the storage and backupsystems.
  • The assessment and analysis of the application systems.
  • Detailed recommendations to improve the efficiency of the data centre.
  • Projected efficiency gains for each recommended improvement.

Performance against Industry Benchmarks for each component level.

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