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Data Centre Design & Build

on365 has extensive experience of Data Centre design and build to ensure business continuity and maximised uptime. Our understanding extends beyond taking care of design, safety and principles of operation, future growth and after-sales services. More importantly, it looks at value and basic business principles such as ‘return on investment’.



We provide comprehensive space, layout and capacity planning to support efficient cooling, modular growth strategies combined with maximum airflow separation. Furthermore, we ensure that fundamental physical build and location criteria are addressed during the design engagement as well as compliance with appropriate regulations.


Project implementation can be carried out in entirety or we can supply the necessary components to match the client's existing resources with our dedicated installation teams ensuring that all contracts are delivered on-time and on-budget.

on365 offer a full pre-sales consultancy at which one of our experienced specialists will carry out a comprehensive audit and survey at your premises to establish your exact needs. Once a contract is commissioned we begin the design process by working closely with your IT and facility staff to ensure that all the project needs have been identified and quantified.

As an Endorser of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency, on365 is fully committed to helping clients reduce carbon emissions through the deployment of best practice energy efficient Data Centre design.

on365 remove much of the complexity from IT planning by adopting a 'dataflow' philosophy which incorporates dependencies and design strategy with an orderly sequence of tasks that progressively transform and refine information from initial concept to final design. We also ensure that system plans are communicated to all the business stakeholders involved at every stage of the project.

At on365 we advocate simplicity, flexibility and scalability in all our Data Centre design and build as this ensures that the Data Centre is easier to support, administer and use. As nobody knows where technology will be in 5 years a Data Centre designed by on365 for flexibility can seamlessly adapt to changing business conditions and thereby the demands put upon its function without the need for a major overhaul of its infrastructure or disruption to operation.

In addition, a Data Centre that is scalable has the capacity to sustain rapid growth in performance, the number of devices it can host and the quality of services offered. Crucially we are able to provide clients with savings of on average 30-35% for initial building costs as well as an added 30-35% cost reduction in operating expenses through adjustable and scalable Data Centre design.

Furthermore, with a substantial internal resource that includes engineers (power, cooling, cabling and network), project managers, CAD design team, consultants and a project delivery team we do not have to outsource any services which means that there are no unexpected, additional charges for projects.

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