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Enlogic exists to draw awareness to the rack, and more specifically the PDU, to make significant energy savings, proving that small things can make a big difference. It is better to accurately measure energy consumption and proactively ensure operating efficiency, creating a new freedom to explore technologies that optimise server performance and ensure reliability by increasing the temperature in the data centre by one degree; a previously unexplored concept.

Founded in March 2011, Enlogic employs more than 70 professional staff across its global offices in the UK & Ireland, Germany, USA, Singapore, China, Australia, Netherlands, Nordics, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Collectively, Enlogic employees are responsible for 26 patent applications, 16 of those directly related to the design and progression of rack PDUs.

With Enlogic, the management team and engineers continue to prove they are the best and brightest in this industry, building upon extensive careers, having worked for blue chip employers including ABB, APC, BT, Emerson Network, Hitachi, Intel, Invensys, Nokia, Siemens, Omron, Pentair, Schneider Electric, and the US Department of Energy, among others.

Sharing their expertise, the Enlogic team aims to provide data centre IT and facilities stakeholders with enhanced knowledge to solve specific rack energy management problems.

Enlogic are committed to providing an uptime focused, intelligent and secure solution for the datacentre. Enlogic's 4th Generation intelligent PDUs and Inline meters provide comprehensive, accurate energy measurement data needed to efficiently utilise power resources. With the ability to make informed capacity planning decisions, improve uptime, measure PUE and drive green data centre initiatives that could save energy and money. This world class innovation is all supported by Enlogic's:


Lockenload by Enlogic

Enlogic's dual locking IEC power cords provide double the protection against accidental power loss due to human error. Be safe in the knowledge that you have securely attached your valuable IT equipment when used with any Enlogic PDU or APC AP8000 Series PDU.

Secure locking at both the PDU and IT equipment level without the need for supplemental retaining clips provides piece of mind where datacentres need it most - within the rack.


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