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Management Systems

on365 has always worked to the highest standards and has formulated comprehensive procedures to ensure that these are maintained across the whole spectrum of activity.  Full details of those procedures are detailed here.

on365 has a management system to enable consistent, smooth and efficient running of the company. The management system provides a framework on which all aspects of our business, from Health and Safety policy through Mission Statement to business goals, can be referenced and monitored.

The management system documents the procedures and processes we all operate internally, helping everyone work to the same methods, standards and quality. It also incorporates a continuous improvement programme, allowing everyone to participate in the process of challenging anything and everything we do.

on365 documents and audits its management system in line with ISO 9001/2008, the latest version of an internationally recognised standard, against which we measure and compare ourselves with other companies. This also allows us to easily communicate our management process and quality assurance with both customers and suppliers.  ISO is not a “bolt on” or additional chore to our day to day activities and procedures and is very much viewed by on365 as an integral part of our culture.

The management of on365 is committed to the continuous improvement of all aspects of our business. Only by total commitment to these aims at all levels of the company can we achieve our collective goals and continue growing the business into a profitable market leader in its field.

To this end we carry out the following strategic actions on a continuous basis:-

  • Training: Everyone employed by on365 receives ongoing training in the on365 Integrated Management System.     
  • Monitor, Review & Continuous Improvement: We carry out continuous monitoring, review and improvement of all activities with specific focus on the key operational areas.         
  • Most importantly, we continually assess how everyone can play their part in improving the system.     

We believe that by carrying out these actions together we can all benefit from the improvements in effectiveness and efficiency that will allow us to achieve ongoing business success.


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